Like most Americans on the east coast I awoke to Barack Obama speaking in Egypt.  Obama spoke of tolerance of others beliefs and religion.

The President also spook directly at Iran and declared that Israel is not going away. We should all realize this and move forward not dwell in the past.

I must say this is like using reverse psychology on a child. He takes whomever is watching by the hand and explains why you can't abuse a people because of religion, sex, background or beliefs. The treatment and a woman's freedom was also a topic Obama covers in this speech.

The audiance (mostly students) seemed to like Barack Obama as the applause was numerous. Obama is a great speaker and is more of a teacher who can get through to people. With a new youthful generation of middle easterners coming to power we can hope that the regoin can learn to live together.

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This was another exceptionally busy week around the White House. Credit Card Reform to NFL Players. Barack Obama was on the move as usual.

President Obama took a moment Thursday, May 21. 2009 to welcome the Superbowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers to the White House, along with approximately 50 Wounded Warriors from Walter Reed Army Medical Center and National Naval Medical Center and their families.  Afterwards they all joined up to work with USO to assemble 3,000 care packages for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Commencements are happening all across the country, but ones for military grads are special. These you men and women will be protecting America by serving.

Finally someone is knocking the credit card companies down a notch. It can be difficult to think of an issue that touches more people, or can get a rise out of more people, than credit card fine print, fees, and staggering interest rate hikes. For some it is an irritation, for people who have already hit a rough patch, it can become a brutal weight to carry having credit card debt.

Obama Video From Notre Dame Commencement

On May 17, 2009, in Presidential Travel, by Obama Watcher

Father Jonh Jenkins introduces President Barack Obama at Notre Dame's commencement May 17, 2009.
Sounds like a heckler in the crowd. Even though %70 of the schools students approve of Obama's visit outside as forces try to create havoc and protest.
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