Why I give: John’s story

On July 11, 2012, in Site News, by Obama Watcher

“I am a retired school teacher, so my funds are limited, but I get so tired of hearing about the ‘big money’ supporting Mitt Romney. They do this because they know that Romney, like all Republicans, will be protecting them from higher taxes if he is elected. They need to pay their fair share.

“I just wanted to be a part of helping a man who has my interests in mind, even though my financial help may be small.

“The money coming to Romney is very tough to keep up with. That’s why whatever people can give is so important to help President Obama get re-elected. I anticipate making other donations, small as they may be, over the next four months.

“Do we want a government for the people or do we want one for the rich and powerful? President Obama represents everyday people much better than Romney does. After three and a half years as President, Barack Obama is much better prepared to lead us again.”

—John, Ohio

2.4 million people have already stepped up and donated to this campaign. Will you be one of them?



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